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Medium Density - Multi-Site/Unit - NMI Application

Please contact Paul Medojevic - 0499 006 831 for any questions regarding the below form.

NEW IMPORTANT INFO - PLEASE READ: This form is only to be used if NMI is required for your building firm I.E. Initial electricity account is going directly into your building firms name. Also this form is ONLY to be used for sites that contain 3 or more units/premises

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Terms and Acceptance


  1. There is no contract term associated with this plan. We may vary these prices not more than once every 6 months and will notify you of the change, this may be a message in your next bill after the change. The rates that apply under the Standard retail contract are available to view here.
  2. You accept the Standard Contract Terms and Conditions of this which will be sent to you in your confirmation pack.
  3. Other fees and charges relating to your meter or supply address may apply under the standard retailer contract. See the Standard retail contract fee schedule here.
  4. By consenting to this offer, you consent to AGL’s Privacy and Credit Reporting Policies including that AGL may exchange your information with credit providers and others for credit reporting, credit checks and debt collection, and that AGL may contact you about offers and products on an ongoing basis, unless you request otherwise.