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What does NMI stand for?
NMI stands for - National Meter Identifier.
Why do I need a NMI for a new electricity connection?
The NMI number 'ties' the customer and the electricity meter together so that the customer can be be billed by an energy retailer. The relevant network operator issues this number via the retailer to the end customer and allows the electrician to submit his paperwork when they connect the meter to the network. The electrician cannot legally connect the meter if he does not have a NMI issued.
How do I get an NMI number or Job Number (Ausgrid)?
Energy Connections NSW can facilitate the issuing of this number simply click on the relevant links above to find out further info.
How long does it take to get an NMI number or Job Number?

Once we have gained authorisation from the customer, we submit the request to the relevant network operator for your area and the number usually is forwarded to the electrician within 2 to 5 business days.

If your electrician has requested a PTC (Permission to Connect) - only relevant to the Endeavour Energy network, these will take a total of 10 to 14 business days to receive. Your electrician needs both the NMI & PTC in this network before he can legally connect the premise to the electricity network.

I don't know if I need a NMI or Job number or what network my property is located in?
Don't be too worried which electricity network you are in or if you need a NMI or Job Number. We will do all the work once we receive your application to determine what is required for your electrician.
What can delay the issuing of an NMI?
Usually delays occur when we are not given the full and correct address information. Provided we are given Lot, DP, house number, street name and type, suburb and post code delays are usually minimised. Also providing your electricians correct email address minimises any communication errors and delays.
My electrician has asked for the NMI on my existing connection
If your electrician has had to make adjustments to your existing meter he will need your NMI number so he can submit his paperwork to the network operator. The number is found on you electricity account, otherwise you can contact your current energy retailer and ask for it.