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Please use this form to request a NMI for a new connection (new meter etc). We need the customers full name including phone number and date of birth . Accounts are set up with AGL and are NOT locked in and have NO exit fees.

It is important that you notify your client that you have passed on their details to ECNSW and that we will be in touch with them to set up their account prior to issuing you with the NMI.

NOTE: Do not use this form for an existing connection - if you need an NMI on an existing property, please email the address and meter number/s to

Company Details

Please fill in this section if NMI & account is to be created in a Company Name – otherwise go to Primary Account Contact

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Primary Account Contact
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Property Details

Please check with your electrician or builder what phasing is required:

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Electrician Details

PLEASE NOTE: As you have given us the above customers details today, you should let them know that their personal information has been provided to us and tell them about our privacy collection statements and privacy policy.