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Connect Gas to your Existing Home

The Gas Connection Process:

PLEASE NOTE: This form is to be used for existing homes only.

  1. Simply complete the application form below to apply for a new connection to your home. It is strongly advised to lodge your application at the start of construction to avoid delays with connection. Energy Connections NSW &/or AGL Energy will be in touch to finalise your application.
  2. AGL also applies a standard fee for an Installation request in NSW. These costs exclude any additional charges which may be incurred as a result of a non-standard gas connection. If there are any additional charges imposed by the network owner you will be advised prior to connection, these charges if any will be required to be paid before proceeding with the connection.
  3. After processing the connection in the distributors system, the contractor will install a gas service from the street to your property. Please note that there will be considerable delays if a mains extension or traffic control is required by the network owner.
  4. Once your plumber/gas fitter has connected your appliances you can now enjoy the many benefits of natural gas.
  5. By completing the below form you agree to enter into an AGL Freedom™ energy plan for your electricity and/or gas, which is an ongoing market contract. Your rates under this plan are variable and are published on AGL’s website. There are no exit fees associated with this plan. A Basic Plan Information Document for this plan is available at this includes key plan information and the rates that apply to this plan
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Property Details
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Installation & Connection Details

Which appliances do you intend to connect to natural gas? Please Tick:

Note: ECNSW’s connection services will not connect these services within your home. Your licensed gas fitter/plumber is required to perform these services for you.

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Gas Meter Location

Terms & Conditions of Connection

Connection of Supply Addresses

Subject to these terms and conditions, Jemena (or its agents, contractors and subcontractors) will:

  • Connect the Supply Addresses with natural gas including, where specified in an additional charges notification, in accordance with the applicable scope of works.
  • Every care will be taken to minimize the disturbance to gardens or driveways. Lawns will have to be lifted and any existing turf re-laid and top soil spread.
  • All hard surface restorations within the property will have a temporary repair in the form of a black top mix. The full restoration to the original condition of hard surfaces and the possible replacement of plants and trees will remain your responsibility.

Standard Connections Standard connections satisfy the following requirements:

  • The home is a single density dwelling.
  • A suitable gas main covers the frontage of the new delivery point.
  • The meter position is located external to the home/building and no further than 2 metres past the front of the home/building.
  • The proposed Supply Address requires no more than a cook-top, room heater and a hot water system, to a total of no more than 320MJ of natural gas.
  • The distance between the point of entry of the service to the property and the meter location is within 25 metres.
  • The line from the property boundary to the meter position is free of obstructions such as a cliff, wall, or steps greater than 3 metres.
  • The property is not located on an RTA (Roads & Traffic Authority) road or high traffic road requiring traffic control. > The property is not located on a shared driveway.
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Your Gas Fitter/Plumber Details

This section must be completed in order to commence the connection. (If unknown please leave blank however the connection WILL NOT proceed until you advise us of these details).

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Terms and Acceptance


By clicking AGREE AND ACCEPT, you understand and agree to the following terms:

  1. You are entering into an AGL Freedom™ energy plan with AGL for the sale and supply of electricity and/or gas to the property. This is an ongoing market contract. Your rates under this plan are variable and are published on ALG’s website. There are no exit fees associated with this plan.
  2. You have a 10-business day cooling off period from when you get your AGL Plan Confirmation pack with information about the cooling off period and your rights under Australian Consumer Law. You can cancel this plan during the cooling off period, either by using the cooling off notice provided or by calling or writing to AGL.
  3. AGL may vary your rates from time to time, and can vary your tariff structure, charges, billing frequency, and the terms of your energy plan at any time by notice to you.
  4. By consenting to this offer, you consent to AGL’s Privacy and Credit Reporting Policies including that AGL may exchange your information with credit providers and others for credit reporting, credit checks and debt collection, and that AGL may contact you about offers and products on an ongoing basis, unless you request otherwise.
  5. You accept the Market terms and conditions of this offer, Which will be sent to you in your Confirmation Pack.
  6. A paper bill fee of $1.75 inc GST may apply.
  7. Fees such as late payment fee, dishonoured payment fee, payment processing fee, paper bill fee, over the counter fee and other charges relating to your Meter or Supply Address may apply under this Energy Plan. AGL’s Market Contract Fee Schedule can be found here.