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Builder Electricity NMI & Natural Gas Connection

To proceed with the connection of natural gas to the property and to obtain an NMI number/job number required to proceed with the electricity connection you need to set up an energy agreement with an Energy Retailer.

You can set up an energy account with AGL Energy on a Standard Retail Contract by completing the below form.

Please note: If you are putting the connection of Gas & Electricity in your name (builder) please tick the relevant box in customer details section.

Builder Details

Is the connection and account to go into your company name? If so please tick and proceed to Property Detail Section Below.

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Customer Details
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Property Details
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Installation & Connection Details

Which appliances do you intend to connect to natural gas? Please Tick:

Note: ECNSW’s connection services will not connect these services within your home. Your licensed gas fitter/plumber is required to perform these services for you.

Please Note: The site must be clear and ready for a contractor to complete the connection.

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Your Gas Fitter/Plumber Details

This section must be completed in order to commence the connection. (If unknown please leave blank however the connection WILL NOT proceed until you advise us of these details).

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Electricity - NMI Number Allocation

Your electrician now requires an NMI to power the site in NSW. Energy Connections can take care of this for you. Simply add their details below and we will forward the NMI directly to them for inclusion on relevant paperwork.

Electricians Details for NMI Allocation - no charge for this service

PLEASE NOTE: As you have given us the above customers details today, you should let them know that their personal information has been provided to us and tell them about our privacy collection statements and privacy policy.

Terms and Acceptance


By clicking AGREE AND ACCEPT, you understand and agree you are entering into a Standard Retail Contract with AGL for the sale and supply of gas and electricity to the property.

  1. There is no contract term associated with this plan. We may vary these prices not more than once every 6 months and will notify you of the change, this may be a message in your next bill after the change. The rates that apply under the Standard Retail Contract are available to view here.
  2. You accept the Standard Contract Terms and Conditions of this which will be sent to you in your confirmation pack.
  3. Other fees and charges relating to your meter or supply address may apply under the standard retailer contract. See the Standard retail contract fee schedule here.
  4. By consenting to this offer, you consent to AGL’s Privacy and Credit Reporting Policies including that AGL may exchange your information with credit providers and others for credit reporting, credit checks and debt collection, and that AGL may contact you about offers and products on an ongoing basis, unless you request otherwise.
  5. A paper bill fee of $1.75 inc GST may apply.